Saturday, January 27, 2007

Vines Summary

We are the branches. Jesus is the vine. God is the gardener.

Branches produce the fruit. Taken in its most general sense, fruit is the effects of the branch. It is how the branch touches and benefits the world.

The branch cannot produce fruit on its own. It needs energy to come into it to create fruit. And it receives that energy as it is connected to the vine. Jesus is the way to this energy.

The Father is the brains behind all this. He is concerned with fruit bearing. He evaluates the state of the branch. He creates strategies and tactics for greater fruit production. And He implements them.

He evaluates the environment. What should the correct light, water and nutrients be? And He is responsible for bringing the light, water and nutrients to the branch.

The branches are responsible for maintaining the connection.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Access to the Vine

The problem with metaphors is they can only be carried so far. With a physical vine, there is a physical connection between the vine and the branch. Within the family of God, there is no physical connection. So, what is the connection like? How does it work? And can it improve?

This connection is the basis for any positive effect our lives have in the world. It does not mean that we cannot do any good. It does not stop our positive aspirations or works. But they do not have the zip that causes them to stand out.

All members of God’s family need access to this resource. God pervades every area of life, so His life-energy must pervade every area of life. Moreover, the world and the enemy do not allow lacks of experience, age, temperament, or talent as excuses for minimal effects.

And it must be effective in dealing with any and all situations. This is not wisdom, it is a flavor or aroma that covers all issues and circumstances.

So it must be readily available to all of God’s family. There is no level or maturity, special knowledge or ritual necessary to tap into this resource.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Vine and Branches

We will return to prayer sometime in the future. I am off on a tangent … sort of.

There is a metaphor that Jesus used to describe what our relationship with Him should be like to produce the type of compelling, attractive life that He is looking for. The metaphor compares He and His family to a vine and its branches.

The fruit of the vine is very beneficial to people in a number of forms: grapes, raisins, and wine. The fruit grows from the branches. The vine does not produce anything. But, if the branch is not connected to the vine, it does not produce anything. All the resources for the branch to create fruit come from the vine. All the resources for the branch to continue to live come from the vine. The connection between to the two is vital.

Jesus is the vine, of course. We are the branches. We are connected to Him, and produce a lifestyle that is abundantly beneficial to the people around us. However, if we are not connected to Jesus, we cannot produce this abundance. Abundance is directly related to the connection.

Without this connection, there can be no fruit. Without this connection, a branch withers.

With the connection, there is an increase in life. The branch grows longer and larger. Leaves are produced. Growth may happen that is actually counter-productive to producing fruit.

What do we think about branches that produce only leaves? All life and energy can be found in the vine. There should be an abundance of fruit. If there is not an abundance, does this mean the connection is inferior? If so, how do we improve it?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Because man is a spiritual creature, he lives at the intersection of the spiritual and physical worlds. He lives in both worlds and exposed to influences from both.

Prayer is a heart focus into the spiritual world. This focus transfers energy into the spiritual world; and puts people into a position to receive energy from it.

Since all people live in this intersection, prayer becomes a powerful weapon to affect people. The heart focus transfers energy into the spiritual world. From the spiritual world, the energy returns to the physical and impacts the hearts of people for whom it was directed.