Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Community is important to God. But community is not important to western society. It is a buzzword we pass around. But our lives show that we are lying to ourselves.

There are values and practices that God esteems. We say we esteem them also. . But our lives show that we are lying to ourselves.

  • If we believe in community, why is it so hard to become involved with a small group of people?
  • If we believe that life is really in Jesus, life without Him not only results in eternal condemnation, but is also inherently meaningless, and we are God’s ambassadors, why is it so hard to talk to people about Jesus?
  • If we believe that we need to be “devoted to prayer”, why is it so hard to spend time at it?
  • If we believe that love is the most important work in life, why are we so focused on our own lives, to the exclusion of pretty much everything else?

We all believe that works demonstrate beliefs. What most followers of Jesus seem to believe is life in Jesus is going to weekend meetings, and following a list of rules that defines what is bad and what is good.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Living in the world tends to create a tension. Tension is caused by opposing forces acting on each other. One force is God’s Spirit pushing us to live obediently to his call and lifestyle. Another force is the world spirit pushing us to obey its call and lifestyle.

Human beings do not like to live in a state of tension. They will work to resolve the tension. Usually by yielding to the tension.

The family of God will relieve the tension by immersing themselves in a lifestyle surrounding by the “things of God.” Meetings, concerts, and radio\TV. They fill their time with “approved” spiritual events. As a result, they fail to obey God to engage the world in transformational ways.

Or they yield to the worlds values. They may not outright embrace hedonism, but the they will seek personal peace and prosperity. They engage the world, but not in ways that challenge the need for transformation, for reconciliation with God.

God call us to live within the tension. To live with uncomfortable forces demanding from us. To embrace values and a lifestyle that honor God. To engage with the world in ways that bring the transformational power of Jesus to bear on the world’s issues. To serve it with mercy and generosity. To challenge it will speaking truth, and radical living and loving.