Friday, February 26, 2010

Living Sacrifice

We need to recognize and understand God’s mercy. Look at its scope, and its effects. Look at people – their helplessness, their continual dark hearts. God has given so much. It is only reasonable to expect people to give much also. To sacrifice their lives. But dead people do God no good. So, it is a sacrifice of allegiance. More over, it is a life that has changed. A life that turns from the darkness and consecrated to God, pleasing to God.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Beyond the Walls

Many Christians are under the mistaken impression that life with Jesus is only encompassed in the church meeting. They act as though the only place to encounter God is “there”, the only place to serve God is “there.”

A large part of the church’s purpose is to engage the world, to rub the world’s face on Jesus’ robe. Part of that is inviting and accompanying people to a church meeting. (Take them to your house. Introduce them to your family.) Part of that is bringing Jesus to their house.

In the Bible, the pastors do not lead the church. In the Bible, the elders lead the church. And pastors are sitting all throughout the room. We believe the scripture when it says we are all priests. But only a few are allowed to do priestly things. (We share Christ with someone; they choose to follow Him. We share baptism; they choose to be baptized. We call someone to do the baptizing, when we are priests of God Most High.) It is not the senior pastor’s job to do the priestly things. It is the senior pastor’s job to equip the church – all the other pastors – to do the priestly things. Everyone who follows Jesus should be able to preach a sermon, cast out demons, pray for the sick, give counsel, pray for other needs, baptize, initiate the Lord’s supper.

We put god in a box. We put Jesus-followers in a box. We put the church in a box.