Tuesday, August 11, 2009

God's Spirit of Hospitality

Throughout eternity past, the Father, Son and Spirit lived together in a completely satisfactory, mutually fulfilling lover relationship. God was a complete community.

In the infinite past, God made plans to extend this community. He would create a multitude of finite beings to share His love relationship. He would create a community within His community. This community would demonstrate his nature, his community and his love relationship.

God chooses to create a community that will have a love relationship with the Godhead, and a love relationship with one another like the love relationship with the Godhead, demonstrating the community of the Godhead.

God chooses to create a community that He will invite these created being to join. He will extend these invitations partly by Himself and partly through His created community.

One of God's primary impulses in His nature, in creation, is hospitality.

(Thank you to Frank Viola. The initial picture of for this post came from
Untold Story of the New Testament Church.)