Friday, March 05, 2010

Given man’s status before God (sinner, helpless, rebel), given god’s response of mercy, we should choose the most reasonable response – changing allegiance and moving to be with God. Accept the shift in paradigm, so we do not live with the world’s mind-set. The, we will be able to demonstrate that God’s will is good, pleasing and perfect.

This is the first mind-set alteration. Do not consider yourself too highly. Be very serious about your estimation of place and importance. God has provided an interdependence, but it is based in diversity. He has given interlocking functions. The different functions meet different needs. As needs are met, love is given. Unity and growth are created. Growth becomes a by-product of love and service.

Right thinking must progress to right acting. Right acting demands we serve and love one another.

We become other focused. God has created us to live fueled by unity. Unity is designed to function as we focus outward, using our gifts to meet needs. And God has given each of His children gifts. So, if you have a gift, do it!

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