Monday, October 18, 2010


The end of our existence in life is to live like Jesus and to love like Jesus. As we move toward this end, there will be effects of our life – positive effects.

Jesus lived in dependence on the Father. God’s strength and life flowed to Jesus. Fruit developed as a result. Fruit grew naturally.

Fruit are characteristics that flow from our hearts. They are words, actions and attitudes that flow from our lives. Fruit is the outgrowth of a person’s inner life. The fruit of the Spirit is the outgrowth of God in my heart changing my attitudes and actions. The fruit of praise is the outgrowth of my connection with God and increasingly clear picture of God’s nature, God’s interaction with the world and God’s attitude toward people. The fruit of salvation is the outgrowth in someone else’s heart. That fruit of salvation arises from a seed planted through seeing new actions and attitudes of Jesus’ disciples, a connection with God, and gaining an increasing clear vision of God’s nature and actions. The seed germinated, resulting in a change of allegiance to God. Salvation is fruit derived from other fruit.

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