Friday, November 19, 2010

Transformed Life: Reality not Perfection

When we begin a relationship with God, we begin to live as Christ intended. (Sin still corrupts this life, so we will not fully live as God designed it, until we live in his kingdom at the end of time.)

We are not only living for our selves, but we are living it in demonstration for others. We are living it it with the Spirit of God in our hearts. And the Spirit of God should fill all our thoughts, words, and actions.

There is no particular formula to follow. There is no set liturgy, prayers or rules. (Scripture says the Law was given for sins to be made evident. Scripture says that love fulfills the Law.) Rather the Spirit infuses itself within each follower’s heart, so God’s life is breathed out in every community and culture where those who seek him and call on his name are found.

If we walk with God, the God life flows through us … imperfectly. It is marred by sin. But it is what the world needs. The world needs to see lives like this. Since, we know the world needs the life of God, given through Jesus, and we have that life of God, we can be confident we what the world needs. But we need to walk it out humbly and with love. We were beggars once ourselves.

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