Tuesday, June 07, 2011

To Know His Power

In one of Paul's letters, he described his heart's desire for a young church. He wants them to grow in knowing God and to realize God's action on their behalf. He said that God exerts his power on the young church's beha;f. And the power he exerts is the same power he exerted in raising Christ from the dead.

To those following Jesus, the Resurrection of Christ is the pivotal action of all time and space. It demonstrates Jesus has conquered sin and death. It declares that in Jesus man has complete and unrestricted access to the Creator of All. It crushes sin's penalty in the lives of those in Christ. It disrupts the laws of physics and biology. At it has been placed at the disposal of mere mortals like us.

What does this look like? Miracles on the finger tips of us all? Or the miracle of peace with God, in Christ, ransomed and rescued from sin, that we currently experience? Or something else?

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