Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Fundamental Pursuit

We have talked recently about a fundamental approach to life. And for quite some time. we have considered how God designed mankind. Our approach to living is probably derived most naturally from how we understand our design.

An automobile engines needs the correct mixture of gas, air and fire to move. It needs oil to work smoothly. It needs clean glass, break pads and seat belts to drive safely.

A human being is more complex than an automobile engine. To function minimally require food, water, air and safety. To function optimally also requires beauty, creativity, purpose mission, and love.

God designed people so the main ingredient to optimal functioning is a relationship with him. And relationship with him is not a simple, linear set of rules to follow. There are multiple parts to a relationship. Parts that apply to a God-man relationship include prayer, worship, meditation, faith, obedience and love. There is scriptural evidence that indicates a person's relationship with God is affected by his relationship with people. within God's family and with people outside of God's family.

We recently considered the body of Christ, and the differences of function of the members. These differences will also affect relationships with God.

A fundamental approach to life to be true must include a pursuit of God. There are a number of elements that must be the same. But the pursuit will not specifically follow the same pattern for everyone. And God is big enough to cover everyone.

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