Friday, October 12, 2012

Live in Joy

Man was designed to live in relationship with, and to be a picture of God. Obviously, man, even if he was morally perfect, could not be an exact picture of God. The fact that no man is morally perfect blurs the picture that much more.

There is a passage in Scripture that says what the results of any action, stance, opinion or decisions that arises from our relationship with God should be like. It does not describe specific events, but rather motives, attitudes or spirits that complete the picture of God in man.

For example, the first item on the list is “love.” People may hate me for what I do, but if God and his Spirit are moving in around and through me, each decision I make should be motivated by love, breathed out in love and acted on love.

Love is somewhat easy to understand. There are actions in love. There are attitudes, motives and perspectives that we can define. Others are more difficult. “joy” is also on the list. Joy seems more like a reaction to stimuli than a choice or an action. Love has a posture someone could proactively choose. A person just finds themselves in joy. It seems to erupt from within.

Are there attitudes we can adopt that lead to joy, like attitudes that can lead us to love?

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