Friday, February 21, 2014

The Body of Christ - IV

Bodies also need exercise. There is a video posted in several places on the internet called “23 and ½ hours.” It was produced by a doctor named Mike Evans, and describes “the single most important thing we can do for our health.” That is, it describes what modern research demonstrates to be the multitude of benefits of a daily half-hour of exercise. Human bodies were designed to move. And this is true spiritually as well as physically.

There are a number of activities that lead to spiritual health. Spiritual disciplines (prayer, worship, Scripture reading and meditation, etc.) have been encouraged by influential Christians for hundreds of years. And “discipline” describes a regular, consistent (maybe daily) practice of these things.

But disciplines, sermons, books, videos, podcasts, or any other form of communication used by God’s people currently are not for the accumulation of merit, knowledge or brownie points. God intends for this communication to change our world view. And, as a result, it should change our actions and lifestyles as well. If activity in keeping with God’s standards and character do not result from any form of “spiritual input,” it’s not worth the time, not God’s, not ours. If we spend time with God, or with God’s people, at the end of that time, we should be different. And not just different, more Christ-like. Then, we should be engaging in activity that overtly or privately expresses God’s nature. We should be engaging in activity that overtly or privately advances God’s purposes or mission. We should be engaging in activity that overtly or privately fulfills our special place or special function in God’s family.

And all this activity, not just the disciplines, advances God’s kingdom, and our personal growth.

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