Monday, March 24, 2014

God's Heart - IIb

Paul begins by explaining God’s plan for the restoration of his kingdom. It will be a kingdom built out of all peoples, created into one new people, founded on his values nad priorities. Each person will choose his allegiance to the Father as king. Each person’s heart will be transformed, which will flow into the words and deeds, which will flow into a transformation of society and culture.

As I said before, he explains further how when he considers this plan, he is motivated to pray. (And we discussed the prayer somewhat.) Then, because of the size, scope and nature of this plan, he starts explaining what sort of lives – every day words and deeds; habits and practices – people need to have to bring this kingdom to actuality.

So, what does he say?
  • Produce a powerful campaign to communicate the gospel across the world? Mail, radio, TV, internet, door-to-door? 
  • Build large institutions to impact society in every segment? Media, education, government, and entertainment? Hospitals, universities, and churches? Mobilize lots of people? Economies of scale? 
  • Develop goals and objectives for five, ten and twenty years? Marketing? Research? Packaging?
These seem like things that the world would do, and does do, to move society and culture to fit the mold it has. What did Paul say?

Paul said … focus on relationships. Focus on maintaining love and peace with each other. Be Jesus to one another. Love one another. And he goes on to try and illustrate what that might look like for men, women, children, married, parents, workers and management.

There is a revolution coming, but it coming on the basis of relationship – relationship with God and relationship with people.

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