Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Salt - IV

In the last post, we talked about a certain group of people, regarding their "saltiness."
If "salt" is a metaphor of what attracts people to Jesus, part of that "salt" is Jesus' love. And one of the traits of love is not focusing on faults and failures.

There is an aspect of confronting failure, but the motivation the confronter should have is healing. Removing a blockage between the Father and his children. Removing an impedance towards redemption and restoration. Toward living out God's original design.

I can look at these people and find many practices that many people outside of God's family find offensive. But I can't see the heart\motivation of these people. Because of the definitions of success, efficiency and effectiveness that many people have, some of these may honestly and genuinely believe that their goals and tactics are God's best.

There are some practices that I am offended by. There are some just consider un-wise and ineffective. But, unlike the Father, I don't know hearts. And I am to walk in love like Jesus. That's my salt.

There is a strong tension between being loving and being discerning, between acting with grace and acting with wisdom. And God wants us to act with all of these. And it would be a lot easier if the world weren't broke.

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