Friday, June 06, 2014

Vines and Braches: Why is Relationship Important?

We wrote, quite a while ago, about how people need “fuels” to live. Food, water and air are examples of physical fuels. Love, beauty and freedom are examples of other fuels – emotional, psychological and spiritual. The foundational fuel source is our relationship with our Father.

Our relationship with God is important, because it is the source of life. And there is more to life than just living. (Read: surviving.) As we relate, he floods our hearts and spirits with his love. It is this love which powers our lives. It is this live which he uses to recreate, restore and redeem us. It is this love which transforms our heart – and therefore, our motivations, thoughts, words and actions.

Churches all over the world reconstruct the law. Attend church, tithe, serve and witness are new laws put out by churches for people to live by. But sin still abides in us. It rebels against any law. It uses the power of any law to generate rebellion.

God’s family does not live by the law any more. It lives by the power of love and grace. Love fulfills the law – in deed, it is the better fulfillment. People follow the law out of fear. They seek to avoid the stigma and any negative results.

God’s family pursues what the law commands, but not because the law commands it. The recognize these things as an outflow of love – of God’s love through them. They recognize these things as an expression of love to God and to people.

Imagine wanting to share the gospel with people, because: 
  • it is best for them to know the Father, God and Creator of All; 
  • it is best for them to have God’s love flood their hearts; 
  • knowing and experiencing God’s love is so wonderful, that you can’t help yourself.

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