Tuesday, August 05, 2014


There is a story about Jesus sending his disciples out on a short-term mission. He gave them authority to proclaim the message of his kingdom, to heal and to cast out demons. And they had tremendous success.


When they returned they told about all they had accomplished. And they really had done some wonderful and tremendous things. And Jesus agreed they had dealt a major blow to the enemy’s kingdom.


Today, people would spend the next twenty years, discussing, telling and re-telling, and celebrating those events. Yet Jesus encouraged a different focus. These events may be great, but the fact that people have an intimate love relationship with the Creator of the universe is the greatest.


So, I find myself asking a question. How should this affect our attitudes, our time, our priorities, and our actions? Which should we be more psyched about: a quiet hour of prayer and meditation, or a conference filled with celebrities, miracles and a rock concert atmosphere?

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