Friday, April 10, 2015

Identity in Christ - 17b (Dearly Loved)

In the passage I referred to in the last post, the writer points out that the process we discussed (perseverance, character, hope) is powered by the Holy Spirit. He guides and enables. He encourages and motivates. He corrects and reproves.

The Father works continuously to help us live as we were meant to. He is always speaking to us. And the Spirit is his willing and ever ready partner in this. He is working deep in the core of our being to produce good in us. The presence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts is one of the foremost demonstrations of the Father's total, sold-out love for us.
  • God's Perspective
The Spirit is given to reside in the hearts of human beings for a number of reasons:
    • Power and guidance for service.
    • Instruction for transformation.
    • Relationship building.
Specifically, the Spirit dwells in us to communicate God's love straight to our hearts. God's love is the primary motivation to pursue God's mission. God's love is the primary force behind our transformation. God's love is the primary thing God want people to know about him.

The world was not created for sin; therefore, the world was not created for judgment. The world was a place where God's love -- and therefore, God's glory -- ought to be on display.

God's love is displayed -- in Jesus, on the cross. God shows his love. But because of sin, people are cut off from God's love. 

Receiving Christ is important. Just as a baby being born is important. But it is only the start. God intended to communicate his love to us 24 x 7 x 365 from eternity past. And he could not until we were born. At the point of salvation, God is now in the position he wanted to be in from the beginning.

And the Spirit becomes God's channel of love to our hearts.

  • Living My Life
I mentioned an idea promoted by Mike Bickle earlier this year. When we focus our hearts on the Father, the Father focuses his heart on us. And he begins causing a flow of grace and love to our hearts, filling our hearts. with both.

Given this, prayer and meditation take on a whole new meaning. Prayer and meditation (and worship -- as a type of combination of the two) become major channels of growth, healing and transformation. And God's love becomes the catalyst of wholeness and restoration.

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