Saturday, July 04, 2015

Identity in Christ - 28 (Glorified in Christ)

I have always associated this identity trait as a part of dying with Christ. (Crucified, died, buried, raised and glorified.) And maybe it still is. But the passage I have associates it with a different string. (Foreknown, chosen to be like Jesus, invited, given right sanding and glorified.)

The two strings intersect at Jesus, of course. God has chosen to allow us to share Christ's glory, when he put Jesus on the cross for us. He has identified Christ with us so completely, that it was just like we were on the cross with him.

And God has identified us with Christ, because we voluntarily chosen to follow him. He has placed us in him, and him in us. We have become a part of his body. His Spirit dwells in our hearts.

This is not to say we are Jesus. He still has a name above all names. We are riding along on his coattails. Yet, somehow we experience his glory with him. Like the joy that friends of the bride and groom feel at the wedding? Maybe. And maybe somehow different.
  • God's Perspective
God had a plan. He made a world. He made people. He put people into a family. All of these, he designed and crafted as a master artist. He intended that all of these would move and exist in perfect love, joy and peace.

This world would show who he was, what he was like. The people would show who he was, and what he was like. There would be a continuous celebration of life, of God and of his goodness and love.

Of course, it didn't work out that way. The first people sinned, and it brought corruption into the world. It might seem that God's plan failed. But the plan is still the same:

  1. Create a world and people.
  2. Create a family.
  3. Create relationships with those people.
  4. Demonstrate his nature and character.
Now the family participates in his glory by living in a agreement with God, demonstrating his nature and character through their lives and persuading others to join the family.Persuasion by a clear communication of his message, and living as close to our original design as possible ... individually and as a family.

  • Living My Life
One way I can experience God's glory is by promoting, participating in and fostering God's plan.

Generally, this means
    • Growing in my relationship with the Father.
    • Growing my character to become more as it was originally designed.
    • Contributing toward the growth of relationship and character in my and God's family.
    • Contributing toward extending God's kingdom, both in showing God's character (love, service, giving grace and displaying truth) and proclaiming his message.
Specifically, it could mean a number of different things for each person. There are so many ways people have developed for reading, meditating and praying, there is not enough time to go into them all. There are also many different ways to get involved in God's mission. God has designed people generally. God has designed people specifically. We each need to work out our own ways to complete the four general ways I listed above.

As we walk in each area, we demonstrate God's nature, we work in partnership with him, and -- in success or failure -- we show his glory.

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