Monday, August 10, 2015

Identity in Christ - 32 (Interceded for)

Scripture says that God is for us. This means that we already have victory, because no one is able to stand against us. God's gift to us was the life, the death, and the life again of Jesus. God's giving was so complete, that anything else, everything else, that we need is a minor thing.
No one can accuse us.
  • God gave us right standing with him. (Past tense)

No one can condemn us.
  • Christ died for us. (Past tense)
  • Christ rose for us. (Past tense)
  • Christ intercedes for us. (Present tense)
He dealt with our sin, so he might establish a secure relationship. All sin -- past present and future -- is dealt with in this process. If everything you have done, everything you are doing, and everything you will do is covered by this action, logically, there is now nothing you can do that will break your relationship with God.
  • The bad thing you did 20 year ago -- covered.
  • The bad thoughts you are having now -- covered.
  • The bad thing you will do 20 years from now -- covered.
Let's remember. The Father is very concerned about how we live. His goal is to reclaim a family for himself, that lives and is being restored to their original design. Our conduct and lifestyles affects that goal. It does not appear to affect our current relationship.
And the relationship is very important to the Father too. And to Jesus. Jesus stands before the throne, at the Father's right hand, and pleads with the Father to act on our behalf.
That's what "interceded" means. To approach with a petition. And what petition is Jesus presenting to the Father?
  • Resources -- "Father, please pour out on John the grace he needs to stand in this area."
  • Assistance -- "Father, please communicate your love and support to John, give him strength to stand."
  • Defense -- "Father, I know John sinned here. But this sin is covered by my blood on the cross. We have promised to forgive all such sin."
(Since, the Father has promised to wipe out and not remember our sins, his usual response to Jesus' defense is "huh?")
  • God's Perspective
Do you realize that Jesus is a nag on our behalf. ("John. John. John. John.") And that doesn't count all the Paul's, the Mary's, the Bob's, the Rob's and everybody else.
God's goal is reclaiming a family for himself, and restoring them to their original design. The Father, the Son and the Spirit are focused, intent and driven toward these goals.
Everyone who gives allegiance to Jesus, becomes his child. Everyone who becomes his child gets put into his family. Everyone in his family gets included into his goal, and his resolve for restoration.
He has given his Word, his Spirit, his presence, his grace, his promise and his moment-by-moment attention to accomplish this.
  • Living My Life
i would say that considering the time, the attention and the resources poured into each of us, this is really important to God. Which means each of us really important to God.
  1. He died on the cross to redeem us.
  2. He focuses time, attention and resources to restore us.
  3. He speaks to us continually to encourage, to instruct and to enable us.
This speaks to God's commitment on our behalf. This speaks to God's heart focus on us.
If God is this sold-out on me, it should motivate me to persevere. We all fail. We will all continue to fail. But God will not give up on us. The enemy's foremost heart's desire is that we give up.
God's heart is that we learn, grow and partner with him in demonstrating to the world what it means to live as his child and in his family. Which means reflecting his character. Which means acting like he acts.
Interceding on behalf of others. Not giving up on anyone. Not letting failure stop us. Speaking to encourage, to instruct and to enable. Imparting to others the same identity he has given to us. 

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