Sunday, November 22, 2015

Identity in Christ - 47 (Reconciled)

Since, the first people disobeyed God, each person begins his life as God's enemy. The world is in an active state of war; and we are part of the rebel army.

It is worse, in that it is a civil war. All the people, whom God intended to be family -- his family -- are engaged in a war against him, and against each other.

The enemy actively pursues a course of terrorism. He lies. He sabotages. He tries to instill a life focused on fear and insecurity. He wants people to pursue a life absorbed in seeking love, peace and purpose away from the Creator and Father of all.

The enemy wants people to attempt to satisfy their thirst from an empty bucket. And people do. Day after day, they put an empty bucket to their lips, trying to find a drop of water. 

We have discussed here that people were designed to find life in their spirits through a number of sources, but that relationship with the Father is the main source. And in some ways, it is the catalyst that allows all the other fuels to take effect.

It is like mankind is missing a necessary nutrient, that not only adds to the overall health of the body, but is also the only source of a nutrient that facilitates full absorption of all other nutrients. We can eat a steak, and process some of the protein. But most of it lies untouched in our stomachs until it is eliminated.

The Father knows this. We live, at best, half lives. But the Father has chosen to rebuild his family. He will reclaim his children. He will rebuild their lives. He will rebuild their relationships.

But first peace must be made. A road built from the rebel camp to the Father's house, table and open arms. And people are unable to build that road. So, the Father paid the cost, and built it. It goes through the cross of Jesus.
  • God's Perspective
God's purpose is to restore his family. And the family cannot restored unless peace is restored. So, he took steps. He provided for right standing in his family for each of us. He took initiative to find each person and invite them to return home.

Reconciliation is about the process of restored peace. We have peace with God. We are his child, and in his family. we are no longer part of the enemy's army. Whatever separated us, put enmity in our relationship, is removed. God's anger at our rebellion is satisfied.

And since he controls the faucet, the source of our "water," our buckets are no longer empty. We can drink our fill.
  • Living My LIfe
God's purpose is ensuring that everyone he is given peace. He needs to tell everyone there is room at the table. There is sufficient water for everyone.

And we become the showcase  for these things. We demonstrate what "un-thirsty" lives look like. We demonstrate what life with the Father looks like. We demonstrate lives at peace.

And, as the Father gives people invitations to return, we are part of the welcoming committee. We are one of those handing out invitations. (And this is not a reference to religious tracts. Not that I am not against giving someone a souvenir -- a reminder of a positive encounter with the family of the living God.)

A large part of God's family is so caught up in the "religious life" that they do not have or opportunity to bring peace into the world. Moreover, they become offended when the enemy begins a campaign to bring down God's family, or to negate the positive effects of God's family.

Whining about the state of the world distracts people from God's relationship with the Family, from demonstration of nature, and demonstration of the superiority of what it means to be in his family. We prevent ourselves from experiencing his peace. We kick over our bucket of "water," and turn off the faucet.

I am not saying we should be glad about bad things happening. But, if our response pulls away from relationship, it facilitates the enemy's plans and not the Father's. And if our response stops us from experiencing peace, it is not a response from God. And we need to consider another way to deal with bad things.

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