Monday, December 28, 2015

Identity in Christ - 54 (Sons of Light)

Although, it says “sons,” there is no separation by gender. The writer is trying to get a something different. Jesus had both titles “Son of Man” and “Son of God.” Although, “Son of Man” has prophetic overtones, both titles aim at the nature of the person. A “son” has the nature of the parents. As the “Son of God,” Jesus has the nature of God. As the “Son of Man,” Jesus has the nature of men.

When we give Jesus our allegiance, we take on the nature of light.

Light is a symbol of God’s nature, presence and revelation. God, by his nature and essence, expresses truth. So, light is an expression of truth. So, the nature of people, who have given their allegiance to Jesus, are people who live in the truth. They have accepted, know, and live by, and according to, the truth. As truth is god expressing himself, God’s family lives by God’s word.
  • God’s Perspective

We give allegiance to Jesus. With that, we move into relationship with the Father. Relationship always involves some type of communication. And relationship with the Father means receiving his communication. The Father expresses truth to us. He reveals the nature of the world and people. He reeals his heart.

So, we know his intentions, his motives, his values, and his priorities. We know what is important to him. We know what he thinks about the world, people … and us. I know what the Creator of all, Lord of the universe, thinks of me.

These identities, that we have discussed,  are – at least, part of – what God thinks of me. These are who I am. These are who the Father intends me to be, to live out in reality.
  • Living My Life

As sons of light, we need to live in the light. First, we need to know the light. That means we need to communicate with the giver of lift. That means reading, writing, speaking and listening. That means meditating.

Second, we need to accept the light. That means we believe it is true. The light is as immutable as the law of gravity.

Third, we need to obey the light. We need to take as important what God considers important, and pursue bringing that to fruition. We need to understand our role and complete it.

Knowing, accepting and obeying are all part of a continuing process. Vial parts of God’s restoration of his family.

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