Wednesday, April 06, 2016

All Things for Good - 2

It is in God’s heart, God’s intention and desire, that people experience good. Because of sin, that’s not always possible. Because of sin, and its fall-out, it sometimes seems like there is never any good.

Yet, Scripture says that no matter what happens, God moves in it, so good results. If something bad happens in a person’s life, God speaks into that area. God gives revelation concerning anything negative in our lives, and attaches that revelation onto the negative.

God intends the revelation to shift our thinking, our expectations, and our perspectives about the negative.

Part of this is God’s method of training us in spiritual discernment. As we grow in the Lord, we grow in seeing life the way he sees life. God is the ultimate definer of reality. He says what is true, and what is false. And part of growing in the Lord is agreeing with him.

If we agree with him, we speak the way he would speak, and we act the way he would act.

The first step in this upward spiral of positive effects is learning to listen to God first about any situation.

Even, when he speaks in correction, faith, hope, and encouragement should grow. If we are under the pile of condemnation, and discouragement, it is not God speaking. I am not suggesting that we will always like what God says. But God desire is that we move back toward him, not that we feel like an idiot. If we feel like an idiot, it is not God talking. Feeling like an idiot does not motivate me to get back on the horse. Our Father has designed us to ride. If we have fallen, our Father knows we need to climb back in the saddle.

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