Friday, May 13, 2016

Love is Foundational

Scripture reveals God’s nature and character to people. He reveals various attributes of his character to us. As people are complex, God is complex. But there are a few attributes which are central. They are the primary, or controlling, aspects of God’s character. One of these is love.

Love is so central, that Scripture says love demonstrates that someone is in God’s family. We don’t have to hear them say anything about Jesus, if we see love, we will know.

“Love” as a word, and a concept, gets tossed about quite a bit. Everyone seems to know what love is, or at least, they say they do; but does what people say agree with God’s definition?

Scripture describes love in a number of places, and in a number of ways. We have discussed several of those here. Primarily, Jesus’ life defines love for us. If people live in love, the way he did, then we know they have a relationship with the Father.

If they live a life that dos not love (or does not agree with God’s definition) they do not necessarily have a relationship with him.

Their relationship with God does not define what our relationship with them should be like. Our relationship with Jesus defines our relationship with them. It is love. Jesus loved no matter what. We love no matter what … relationship with Jesus or no relationship with Jesus.

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