Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Love is Not Proud; God is Not Proud

The word for “proud” or “arrogant” in the original language is derived from a world meaning “puffed up” or “inflated.” Such a person sees himself as bigger than he really is.

He compares himself with those around him, and he is more and he has more. The arrogant always put themselves on top.

Love avoid comparison. Love knows its own failings. And if it does compare, it is ruthlessly honest. Because it sees its own failings, it does not consider itself better.

God is, of course, perfect. He is on top. He could look down on the rest of us. But he does not.

The incarnation demonstrates God’s attitude. God could have chosen to remain aloof. He could have stayed in heaven … looking down. Instead, he waded out into the sea of humanity. He got down on our level. He sat on the floor with the children.

Pride\arrogance separates. Love mixes. Love gets involved. And God got involved enough to actually become a person, and restore our lost relationship, and our lost design. God chose to reclaim his family, after that family turned on him.

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