Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Golden Rule

I noticed recently that in Luke’s gospel, the golden rule is in context of Jesus’ teaching about loving your enemies.

The tendency most people have is to give to one’s enemy what the enemy gives to you. With maybe a little more added. If they trash you, you trash them. If they abuse you, you abuse them.

But Jesus said, treat your enemy as you want to be treated. No one wants to be abused, trashed, taunted, insulted, or spat upon. We all want to be treated gently, politely, and with respect.

Jesus commands us to live contrary to our natural inclination. Even to move in the opposite direction. For abuse, give kindness. For insult, give praise.

Of course, to really, authentically act in a different way, a person needs a different heart. To act in love at all times, a person needs a new heart. A person needs new spiritual DNA injected into the core of our being. To get new spiritual DNA, a person needs a new agreement with Jesus, to give one’s allegiance to Jesus.

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