Monday, May 15, 2017

Walk in the Spirit - 2

We have tried in the past to discuss the nature of this connection. There were several posts using Jesus’ analogy of a vine and branches. A branch receives life, growth, and bears fruit based on its connection to the vine.  And we have mentioned in other posts that the connection is at least initiated by focusing our hearts on God.

And I have described how I believe that when the Bible uses the word “heart,” it is using a metaphor for the inner life. I sometime use the word “core” to express the same thing. So, connection could be achieved in a number of ways: worship, prayer, meditation, silent communion, studying Greek participles, or sitting in an open posture, waiting for God to speak into our lives. We hold out our hands to God, and God grabs back. Then, he turns on the flow of love and grace into our hearts.

We gain connection; and we love connection. We live like Jesus; and we live like us. So, is the answer to our previous question: Jesus was always in connection with the Father. And “calming storms” is merely the overflow of fully charged batteries. Or is there another step? And how can frail human beings always remain in connection with the Father?

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