Friday, October 30, 2009

Love is ...

A common metaphor for success in the business world is climbing the ladder. The higher one climbs the better.
Often, it is accompanied with the idea of knocking others off the ladder, so one can advance more easily. The main concept of the metaphor is that it is better to look down on people. When a person looks down, it places them in a position of superiority. To remain in that superior place, a person needs to continue to move higher or push others lower.

The world seems to reguard this pursuit as bringing life. In reality, it brings death – to those below and those above. On the contrary, life and energy seem to be created when people give no consideration to their “height.” If a person does not look at life in terms of up and down, he free for other considerations, other focuses. Maybe one that pushes everybody up the ladder.

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