Friday, October 09, 2009

Mission as Fuel

Mission is fundamental to the nature of God. God created with a purpose. God ties His glory to the completion of that purpose. God chose Abraham for more than the beginning the lineage of David, for more than the giving of the Messiah. God chose Abraham to live a life a blessing, and to give that blessing to the world. As the world receives that blessing, the world will turn their eyes to the God who gives all good things. And when Israel failed to be the blessing, He called people in the world to be a kingdom, a family, a special assembly designed to bless the world. That assembly should bless the world, calling it to share God’s life, and uniting themselves with God – under His name, as a part of that assembly. That role should be part of His family’s DNA. To live as if there is no mission denies God’s purpose for His family.

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