Friday, August 26, 2011

God's Seed: Troubles

There are often people captivated by the idea of Jesus. They like the idea of forgiveness from a loving God. They like the idea of a loving community that changes the world for good. They are excited about learning about the spiritual world, experiencing rock-concert worship and witnessing a miracle or two.

But reality creeps in. Some people do not like Jesus. (Read: persecution.) The "not yet" aspect of the Kingdom rears its uglyu head. People's hearts are not toally healed. So, there are disagreements, strife, jealousy, personal ambitions, as well as natural disasters, crime and physical\mental breakdowns. Ugliness invades the beautiful world built as a protecting wall.

Christians today do not totally bail on Jesus. They look for greener pastures. They feel God has called them to a different a new church, and leave all the trouble behind.

What bailing on different situations really show is that the people do not have roots deep into Jesus. They still rely on circumstances and other people to satisfy the deep heart needs and to provide security. But God designed people to find fulfillment of these thngs in God. If you do not sink roots deep into him, we are destined to be disapointed again and again.

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