Friday, October 07, 2011

Walking With God: Fruit

The way many Christians understand fruit is funny. Many realize that fruit is a result. Many half-realize that our purpose in life is to bear fruit. It seems like hardly anyone realizes that our connection to God is one of the basic building blocks of fruit.

Jesus made a comparison of the life of a disciple with that of a branch connected to a vine. If the branch is cut off of the vine, it dries up and dies. It will on continue to live if it remains connected to the vine. Moreover, it will only bear fruit if it remains connected to the vine, because fruit is a natural result of life poured into the branch.

The purpose of the family of God is to glorify the Father. Jesus says if we bear fruit, we will be showing that we are his disciples and we will glorify God. If we remain connected to him, we will bear fruit. Connecting is necessary for bearing, for showing and for glorifying.

Many Christians and groups of Christians are vitally concerned with connecting to God. Planning, focus, thought, lots of attention, time and energy are consumed in the pursuit of touching, tasting and experiencing God. There does seem to be a lot of life growing out of these endeavors. People are filled with joy, peace and encouragement. Fruit is a result of this life connection. But the life often seems focused inward. Jesus was focused as much outward as inward. Life grew up around him. Fruit was borne around him in the lives of other people. Groups of Christians do not bear fruit like Jesus bore fruit. Does that mean our connection is not like Jesus’ connection?

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