Thursday, October 20, 2011

Walking With God

We look at Peter, Paul, Elijah, John or Abraham and sometimes feel as though they go through the day with one hand grabbing firmly onto God’s robe. They know where to be, what to do and what to say. Yes, we see how sometimes they what God wants. We also see how sometimes they are dead on. Does god really want us to follow him with perfect clarity, moment by moment?

I know sometimes it seems like I have perfect clarity. But usually it seems like one moment I have it, and the next moment I am lost in the dark.

But perhaps the real question of the moment is: what is God’s intention for us? To walk with us step by step? To leave clues for us to grope after, like some cosmic scavenger hunt?

Jesus was fully God and fully man. As fully man, he was the only man untouched by sin. He was the only man who lived in accordance with the design that God had intended man to have. And Jesus had that step by step, moment by moment, relationship with God. Jesus said he was in perfect agreement with the Father. Jesus said he could only do what he saw the Father doing. We can look at him to see what this type of life should be like.

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