Monday, December 12, 2011

Love - 5

Love seems to view people with a positive attitude. People fail. They behave selfishly and dishonestly. The steal, cheat and lie. Love does not give up on them.

Love is realistic. It does not approve of or encourage evil. Rather it encourages and approves the opposite. And some people will attempt to do evil. Man was not designed for evil. Man was designed to be holy. To ignore, cover up or abet evil allows harm to befall the victims, and it allows harm to befall the perpetrators. Evil cuts across the design of what fuels a human being. So, love will not condone any action that brings harm. But love never sees failures as the final word.

Love holds up ones that do fail. They try to protect them from the worst consequences of failure. They work to bring recovery and restoration by healing relationships, strengthening walks, conduct and attitudes, and minimizing what circumstantial damage has occurred.

Love remains committed, believing the best, even in the midst of failure. Love recognizes the power of God to change harts and lives. It is stronger than the worst evil to shape lives. As people fall, they can be strengthened and enabled to rise from the dirt, to stand, and to continue to stand.

Love walks along side. They journey may be very long and hard. Love continues to walk. People may limp and stumble. Sometimes in this life, a person may not be able to rise. Love has the strength to keep walking as long as it takes.

We all know circumstances where it seems impossible for one person to keep walking with another. The heart may wish to keep going, but we are weak. Our hearts may not have the strength to love that long, that hard or that much. That is one reason God created a family. One person may not have the strength of heart to walk for years. So, others in the family need to step up, step close and all walk together.

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