Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Loving God?

There seems to be a lot of talk about loving God among Christians. Now I realize that Bible says we should love God. Loving God is good. We were designed to have a love relationship with God. But I sometimes wonder how it is supposed to look.

Much of modern music celebrates love. Romantic love. A boy and a girl meet. The earth trembles. Emotions soars. Passions run at a fever pitch. To be together is almost more than someone can bear. To be apart is like death.

I sometimes wonder if this expectation of ecstatic emotion and passion is what current day Christians expect their love relationship with God to be like. When we move into God's presence, we ought to be overwhelmed. It might be why worship music and secular music sound the same. Word, themes and phrases sound the same.

It also brings up the question: is this what the love of God should be like? Should we always experience ecstasy in God's presence?

If so, then maybe I'm missing something. It seems to me that as I draw closer to God, the more still, the more contemplative, the more quiet I become. Certainly not the soaring emotion that seems to be expected.

Maybe there is no right emotion? Maybe it is song writers who experience this overpowering emotion? Maybe it's a fad? It was once thought that expressing happiness in church was frivolous. It did not take God seriously.

It seems to me that taking our relationship with God seriously means we ought to experience the whole spectrum of emotion. We ought to experience joy and elation as we experience God's blessing. We ought to experience sorrow as we realize the destructive nature of sin in our lives and the world.

If that's true, then when will worship music follow suit?

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