Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spirit and the Kingdom

When a person believes in Jesus, the Holy Spirit puts a seal on the person. the Holy spirit, who is the immanent person of God in each believer's life, claims the believer as his own. He marks the believer. As cattle ranchers in the western US would brand their cattle to identify them as theirs, God "brands" his people to identify them as his.

The on difference is God himself, the person of the Holy spirit, is the brand. He takes up residence in the core of a person's being, marks it as his, and begins the processes of relationships and transformation. It is relationship with God, with his family and with the world. It is restoration of God's original design for this new child of God's family. It is more steps in the restoration of God's Kingdom. The new child is part of the Kingdom, and restores it as his is restored. The new child becomes God's agent. As he is restored, his interactions with the world are restored. And so the world is restored.

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