Friday, November 02, 2012

Live in Joy - IX

But David was not able to build the new meeting place before he died. He worked hard to assemble material and make preparations. After he died, his son Solomon became king; and he erected the new meeting place.

Once it was built, Israel had a gigantic ceremony to celebrate its completion and dedicate it to the service of God and his relationship with his people, which the meeting place was to support.

(The people could meet with God. They could maintain their relationship in proper way. They could demonstrate to the world God's nature, his purpose and his relationship with people, using this meeting place as the focal point.)

After the dedication ceremony, they held a feast and Solomon gave gifts to the people. And the people were very joyous.

Again, Israel had a joint mission ... and it was complete. Unity pursuing and completing a beneficial mission, as a team, brings joy.

NOTE: Some would argue that pursuing God's mission with this building as the focal point actually disrupts and diminishes the ability to complete God's mission. I agree a building should not be the focal point -- Jesus should -- but I do think it can be a tool. It depends on the amount of time,energy and passion it consumes.

At this time, Israel had not thrown off the habits and trappings of Egypt ... as many current day people maintain the habits and trappings of previous times.

What is important is focusing on a person's heart and his attachment to Jesus. Attachments to tools is secondary.

(As we know, if the only tool a person has is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. But I sometimes think the people who speak loudest about this are people whose only tool is a screwdriver.)

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