Friday, November 09, 2012

Live in Joy - X

After Solomon died, there were numerous kings. Some followed the Lord. Some turned away from him. Most turned away. And as God promised, turning meant misery for the people.

One day, one of the kings who did follow God was told that three nations were sending their armies against Israel. The king and the people went to the temple. The king prayed to the Lord on behalf of himself and the country. He asked for wisdom and direction, because they could not stand against the armies coming to attack them.

God spoke to one of the men there. And he told the king God's message. God said they would not have to fight. God would fight for them.

The king and the people believed what God told them. So, when they assembled the army, they put the choir and the band in front. They did not celebrate after the battle. They celebrated before the battle. When they began celebrating, the armies who were supposed to attack them began to attack one another. Israel was in time to see the results. And Israel rejoiced.

Yes, they rejoiced because of the results. They were saved from the overwhelming armies attacking them. They also rejoiced because they had walked with God through this experience.
  • They sought him, his presence and his help when it first began.
  • They acted according to what they told him.
  • They remembered him in worship on the battlefield.
  • And when they arrived home, they immediately went to the temple and worshiped there again.
God was at the fore-front of their heart-focus.

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