Saturday, July 13, 2013

Be the Church (Love)

How we treat wrong doing in our lives and the lives others is important. But, as God's family, how we deal with sin is not the only thing. It could be argued that it is not the most important thing.

Scripture argues simply that love is the greatest component of life. It is greater than hope. It is greater than faith. It is greater than spiritual gifts: prophecy, healing, miracles, supernatural understanding/speaking of other languages, etc. The greatest event in history was Jesus' sacrifice of love. The only thing that gives meaning to life is love. This is what Scripture teaches. This is what Jesus lived.

Scripture says that judgment will come into the world. God will punish evil. He will set right everything that is wrong. There is even a passage that seems to indicate that God's family will participate with God in this judgment. But that's in the future. Right now, God's family is supposed to represent Jesus and his invitation to share with his family in God's love. Right now, love is his priority.

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