Monday, July 01, 2013

Be The Church (Sin) - IV

We know sin contradicts the ways of God. We know sin agrees with the spirit of the anti-Christ. And we know it is a fact of life, like gravity, death and taxes.

When man chose to turn from following God, and live out his own ways, sins was injected into the DNA of the human spirit. We are powerless to change our life, because we cannot touch our spiritual DNA.

That's why, when a person does choose to follow God, God injects his Spirit deep into our hearts, changing our DNA and re-creating us from the "molecular", "cellular" level out.

So, if our practices cannot ultimately affect our spiritual state, or complete change in our lives, why do we bother? Why be concerned with sin at all? Why try to understand the Bible and live a particular lifestyle?

Although, we cannot reach down to our spiritual DNA, our conduct does have an effect. First, how can live gives God room to touch our DNA. We can extend an invitation for God to work in our hearts. Or we can block him. He has given a gift ... the ability to cooperate with him in our growth and restoration.

Second, we have a renuine relationship with him. It is in our thoughts, words and actions that we live out this relationship. Our lifestyle imp[roves or hinders this relationship. And the way we conduct our relationship affects how God connects with our hearts.

Lastly, we are invited by God to participate in his mission. we represent him. We can have an eternal impact on the world, and the lives of people we know. It is the conduct of God's family that can have the greatest impact. Testimonies of new members of God's family demonstrate that it is the genuineness, or the radical change in someone they knew, that motives a choice to follow Jesus. And testimonies of ones not in Jesus' family demonstrate that Christians living contrary to the teachings of Jesus is a primary factor in their choice not to follow Jesus.

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