Monday, September 30, 2013

Calling - IV

The writer of this book uses the term "core identity" to describe the basic, foundational truth of who people in general were created to be. We have discussed it here also, using a slightly different metaphor. We talk about the primary fuel. A person comes to a turning point. He needs to make a decision. Many different things motivate that decision.
  • They recognize their moral failure.
  • They conclude there is an over-riding truth.
  • They need something that gives them value or significance.
  • They need a cause.
  • They need something to belong to.
In all these cases, the solution to the issue they are facing is to choose a change of allegiance. They choose to connect that allegiance to God. Now:
  • They have a relationship with God.
  • They are judged to be pardoned from their moral failures.
  • They can live by the Truth ... with a capital T.
  • They are valued, important and significant.
  • They have a place, a role, a purpose and a cause.
  • They belong to the family of God.
  • What is broke in their lives, their hearts and their relationships can now be fixed.
This is who we all are. This is what we were designed to be from the beginning. We are unique in that we have different pasts, different roles and different destinies. But our foundations are the same. What we stand on, what we build from, is the same for everyone ... whether we choose to follow God or not.

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