Friday, September 13, 2013

Seven Churches (7)

In the letter to the seventh (and last) church, Jesus claims authority as the final confirming word. He is the most faithful witness, most honest and reliable. He is the first person restored by God to his original design. The first and only one living as he was truly meant to live.
Jesus is aware of the actions and lifestyle of this church. They do things that mark them as Jesus-followers, but only the least disruptive of their lives. They will go to Sunday meetings. But they will not reach out in love or service to those outside the church. They will not proclaim their allegiance to Jesus to others. They are not really against Jesus. They are not really for Jesus.

They have decided they are rich. Jesus says not only are they not rich, but they are poor, blind and naked. Moreover, Jesus is not even present among them. He tells them he is trying to get in. If they let him in, he will accept them and bless them as he does all his children. And they will have what they need. They will understand living with Jesus as they should. And they will have a right relationship with him.

Those who turn around and establish a clear relationship with him and a clear allegiance to him, will be with him always. He will treat them as his Father has treated him ... with love, honor and respect.

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