Monday, December 30, 2013

Hear-Focus (Prayer)

God knows our hearts, our intentions and our plans. He knows our circumstances. He knows our intentions for us.

So, why pray? A large part of prayer seems to be beseeching God to do things he already knows about, convincing him of the wisdom and benefit of doing these things, and -- if you are really spiritual -- how good he will look in the eyes of the world. Doesn't this seem a little bit like putting the cart before the horse? Isn't God aware of all this long before we are? Prayer seems, in some ways, like a waste of time. Yet, it is God who recommends this practice. Doesn't the Bible say to ALWAYS pray?

Prayer is NOT for God's benefit. He is completely self-sustaining, completely independent. He does not need convincing to act in love, because he is love. He does not need convincing to right wrongs, to demonstrate his glory, or to advance his kingdom. All of these things agree with his purposes, and agree with his work of redemption and restoration.

Prayer is for us, his children, his kingdom, and his family. Prayer is focusing our hearts on God, receiving grace and receiving transformation. We are put into a new place, so we agree with God's heart, accept God's purposes, work toward God's ends, and complete our purpose in his kingdom. Prayer gets our heart in sync with God's heart.

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