Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spiritual Fads

It seems like there is always something "hot" that the Christian community is engaged with. Currently, there is a large amount of noise about something a particular actor, who is a follower of Jesus, said about the gay community. Now, he is in trouble with the people who sponsor him, and the Christian community is yelling "Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!" (Read: He expresses what he believes in, and he is a terrible person; other people express what they believe in, and that's OK. Can you say "double standard?")

I obviously have some thoughts of my own ... or else, why would I be bringing it up.

(1) I have not read the gentlemen's comments. But, if you read the Bible, you know that God has certain standards about how we are supposed to speak about others. Did he step over the line?

(2) Also, if you read the Bible, you know God does not exactly approve of the gay lifestyle. And, as followers of Jesus, we ought to think what Jesus thinks, feel what Jesus feels, approve what Jesus approves, and do what Jesus does.

(3) There is an awful lot of breath expended in the Christian community about gay issues. Given the amount of breath and energy given, one would think this is the most vital issue of the age. What did Jesus say was the greatest command. It was NOT "thou shalt not engage in gay activities." The greatest command is to love God, and the second is to love people. Yes, it is sin to engage in gay activitiy. It is also sin not to love. Which means it is sin to be impatient, unkind, envious and to hold grudges.

Does it not seem wiser, better and more effective to put first things first? Maybe we ought to focus on first things -- the things Jesus said were most important -- until we get them right, and then go onto lesser matters. Or can we, at least, give equal breath to the first things as we do the lesser things?

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