Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Confidence of David

David composed songs. In some of the songs, he seems to review his life. He remembers his humble origins, the defeat of Goliath, hiding from Saul, being protected by God in those years, as well as being protected in the multiple wars and battles. He remembers his failures and sins. And he remembers his relationship with God.

There is one song that many have thought was a prophetic description of Jesus. He will be king, and rule over creation. But how did David interpret this song? He might agree with the scholars. But what if he goes through the past in his mind, and then, reflects on where God has placed him. He is King of Israel. And he has the favor of the King of Kings. The Lord of Creation stands like a shield, like an unassailable wall, between him and any opponent. God’s favor seems to mean that no other person, no other nation, can stand before him. He has a “I’m on top of the world! I’m better than the best, because God stands with me” attitude.

He seems to conclude that as long as he stands for God, and with God, that he will stand above anything that occurs. And as long as the other kingdoms ignore God, or do not submit to him, they are perched on very thin ice. Ready to slip at any moment. Ready to crash at any time.

As David was a man after God’s heart, perhaps he understood God’s heart better than most. And, as we seek to understand God’s heart, maybe we can develop the same confidence in God’s nature, favor, intentions and responses as David had.

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