Wednesday, January 29, 2014

God's Heart

In the Bible, Paul writes a number of letters to different branches of God’s family. In these letters, Paul expresses his heart, and God’s heart, for these different groups … especially in his prayers. What I mean is, he tells these groups that he prays for them, and what he prays for. So, he is telling them what he believes God wants to do in their lives.

There is one prayer where Paul prays for four things. First, he prays that God might deposit his resources in all of their hearts, and, as a result, their hearts might be strengthened. So, God’s children might face any sort of trial with peace and joy.

Second, he prays that, as the resources flow into their hearts, and they see the fruit of the resources, their trust of Jesus would grow, which would result in Jesus abiding in their hearts more fully. And, as Jesus resides more fully, they begin to sink roots more and more into Jesus’ love.

Third, he prays that they might understand his love more.

Fourth, he prays that they might experience his love more.

And, as these things take place, the individuals will be made complete in the life and power that God gives.

So, God gives these people what they need, demonstrating his love. The people learn to trust Jesus more, but especially as the draw on Jesus’ love. Then, they understand that love more. Then, they experience that love more. Then, they mature, are healed, and experience life in abundance.

Is it only me, or does it seem to anyone else like there is a lot riding on God’s love?

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