Monday, October 20, 2014

Identity in Christ -1 (Appointed by God)

We have been invited to follow Christ. We have been invited to to be his disciples. Once, we accept the invitation, we are appointed. We are put into service.

When we give Christ our allegiance, we are loved as a child; and we are valued as a trusted, faithful servant. The Father has confidence in us. We are esteemed. We are part of the solution.

God puts us into service. We become participants in his mission. We are given a part to fulfill. And God not only expects us to complete our part, he is fully confident that we are able to do so.  We can't be like Moses and say "I can't do that" or "I don't know how." He has equipped us, empowered us and positioned us for success. 

And what were we appointed for? To produce lasting fruit. We are appointed to shape lives, cities, cultures and societies.  We are not appointed to do this alone. We are part of a team. But we are a vital part.

● Living my life

If I have a vital role on a team, I need to be on the field. I  can't be sitting in the bench.  I have to make sure I am in shape.  I have to make sure I know how to accomplish my role. 

However, one of the results of the way discipleship is carried out today is most of the team sits on the bench. The arena has gotten limited to a Sunday morning meeting. The requirements have gotten limited to a few roles; and in many churches, some roles require special, accredited training. The result many lives is that people listen to cultural expectations,  and not God's expectations. God may have chosen someone for a role and that someone does not assume that role, because he/she does not meet the cultural expectations. 

To live a life of obedience requires we embrace our role. Yes, there is learning required. But we have the Holy Spirit as our teacher. And the Father wants our success, so he will not place us beyond our limits.

● God's Perspective

I am a trusted, faithful servant. I will fulfill my place in God's plan. I will completely,  faithfully,  competently fulfill my responsibilities with excellence. And God knows all this from the day I chose to follow him.

So, does this means that I will always be faithful,  always obedient and never fail? Of course not. If we are half successful,  that would be amazing.  But this is how God chooses to view us.

"You are my servant.  I expect you to succeed. I expect you to bear fruit. And I have placed all my resources at your disposal to make sure you do succeed. I am not glorified by your failure. So,I am going to do what I can do to make sure you never do. "

It seems that God, in appointing us as his ambassadors,  has taken a substantial risk. But he also declares to the world what our value to him. You are worth dying on the cross. You are worth God putting his reputation on the line. You are worth God making all the resources of heaven available.

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