Saturday, October 11, 2014

If The End Was Near - 6

The last instruction concerns spiritual gifts.

As many know, the church is the body of Christ. There are many different pieces connected together to fulfill Christ's mission and complete Christ's life in the world. Like a human body, each part has a different function. Each function fosters growth, maintenance, repair and change within Christ's body. There is communication, resourcing, problem solving, and task resolution. All of these things involve skills that promote healthy life and growth in Christ's family.

(Growth can be looked at in two ways. One is greater efficiency and effectivenessof an individual life. The other is lives effected and more people choosing to become part of God's family.)

There are lots of theories. (How many; how and when given; the identification and definition.) But Scripture makes several things plain.

● It is the Holy Spirit who gives them.

● He has a strategic and tactical purpose for each person, and therefore, each gift.

● This gift gives a clue to each person's purpose and place in God's kingdom and mission. (I say clue rather than an exhaustive definition, because there is room within each gift for different applications. If someone has a gift of teaching, who is his audience? Churches, classrooms, individuals, adults, two year olds, teens, workers, retirees, mothers, fathers, couples, singles and a host of others not mentioned. )

This instruction is God has empowered each one of us to fulfill a part that completes his mission and builds his family. Be diligent to fulfill that part.

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