Sunday, December 14, 2014

Identity in Christ - 6 (Born of God)

There are two metaphors God uses to describe our becoming part of his family. We have discussed one already. It is adoption. We are orphaned, then chosen by God to be brought into his home, to become part of his family.

The other is "born of God." Like a baby is an expression of a father and mother's love, and an outworking of their nature (their DNA combined together and displayed in this new person) his children are an expression of the Father's love and an outworking of his nature.

Unlike physical birth, in which a person begins completely new, a spiritual begins broken. God injects his Spirit and new DNA into his heart. Thereby, begins a process of re-creation. With the Father's training, the Father's nurturing, and the spread of this new DNA, people begin to live as he designed them to live. People begin to love like Jesus.

  • God's Perspective
God is delighted when a new "baby" is born into his family; as much as when a baby is born into a human family. There is so much hope and expectation with each child. There is so much potential. Each parent wants their child to grow, to experience more success, more happiness than they did; each parent wants their to have less trouble and less pain. They rejoice when there is growth, success and happiness. They mourn when there is trouble, sorrow and pain.

Parents have a tremendous heart investment in their children. And the Father has a tremendous heart investment in his children. And he is Father of us all.
  • Living My Life
First, we must wake up to how much God values us. Most of us can't even come close to what God thinks of us. Most of us do not have even an approximation of our Father's heart for us.

"The key to breakthrough is how we see God." - Graham Cooke

Second, I should be motivated to encounter God. Knowledge and experience need to work together. Relationship with God is more than prayer and reading the Bible. It is more than going forward and kneeling at an altar, receiving prayer or prophecy. It is more than miracles. It might be all of the above. It might be what happens deep in each individual person's heart.

Life in Christ and with the Father must take place within community. But it also takes place between one single, beating heart to another. It is love and faith acting alone and within community.

As we pursue relationship with God, he will lead us. and we need to follow. His imparted DNA will renew our hearts. His revelation will renew our thinking. Our hearts and minds will move together to renew our lives, our families, our communities, our societies, and our cultures. He will lead us into following our design and our potential. And this growth in us should cause growth in his family and kingdom.

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