Monday, December 08, 2014

The Father's Love and the Son's Love

Many Christians have this idea that Jesus loves them. After all, that is why he went to the cross. But the Father is a celestial meanie. His purpose is to watch us like a hawk, and slap us down when we mess up. (Then, there is the judgment at the end of the age. He must be licking his chops, waiting for that to come.)

But that’s not what the Bible says. It says that the Father is sold out for each of us. He is so sold out, that it was his desire and his idea, to sacrifice that which was closest, dearest and most valuable to him, for our sake and our benefit.

Moreover, it says that Jesus totally shows us what the Father is like. If we want to know the Father’s heart, if we want to know what he thinks, feels and would do in a certain situation, we should look at Jesus, and see what he thought, felt or did. If we are convinced that Jesus loves us unconditionally, then we ought to be convinced that the Father loves us unconditionally.

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