Monday, February 16, 2015

Identity in Christ - 12 (Called by God)

“Called” can be translated as “invited.” We have been invited by God to live eternal life. It is our choice to join him.

I have recently read that one of the problems communicating the gospel to Buddhists is this term “eternal life.” “Life” to Buddhists is an existence of suffering and trouble. That is the prime character trait of life. Who would want to live forever in an existence of pain and suffering?  Implied in the Christian concept is a restoration of Eden. Life, as we know it, is not how life is intended to be … Eden is. We are not invited to normal life; we are invited to live in Eden, in the new Jerusalem.
  • God’s Perspective
God create a world to create a family. And his family collapsed. Not through his doing or his desire. It collapsed because of decisions be family members. Foremost, we need to see that God wants his family back.

He has acted to remove the barriers to allow a reunion. The only barrier remaining is: the children need to choose to come home. Once, they come home, they are part of the family again. And the Father empowers “eternal life.” Not just forever life with him – in joy, in peace, without pain, without suffering and without sorrow. To live, now, a life that renewed, characterized by the perfected life of heaven.
  • Living My Life
Life, to which we have been invited to live, is a now, but not yet life. We will never live fully and completely as we were designed to live, as we will when we join the Father in heaven. Yet we are meant to:
  1. In a true relationship and communication with the Father. 
  2. In a growing lifestyle that comforts with Jesus’ life, in thought, word, deed, motivation and intention.

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