Monday, March 09, 2015

Identity in Christ - 15 (Complete in Christ)

Scripture says that when we are seeing Jesus, we are seeing the Father. We don't physically see the Father, but we do see Jesus. So, one way to know what the Father is like is to look at Jesus. They have the same attitudes, motivations, habits and goals.

When Jesus lived in the world, he had the same personality as the Father, but he lived a human life. He lived a life in submission to the Father, in dependence, by faith. All that he accomplished in life, he did in faith, in the authority granted to him by the Father. And because we have given Jesus our allegiance, we are united with him before the Father. And because we are united with him, all the resources available to him are available to us.

● God's Perspective

We have stated here beflre, the key component of our identity is: we are "in Christ." God the Father sees us, treats us and reguards us through Jesus. It is like we are in an airplane. If we are in an airplane and it's flying, we are flying, but it's not really us. It is the airplane. So, whatever Jesus u dergoes, we undergo. Whatever Jesus receives, we receive. Jesus died, was buried, was raised and went to heaven. And we went with him. Jesus had a close relationship to the Father. We have one available. Jesus had all the resources of heaven available to him.  So do we. He was complete. So are we.

● Living My Life

We are complete. We need nothing, because God has given everything. But we will probably not experience everything, because creation is still broken. God is restoring it, but it is still not complete. We live in a "here, but not yet" kingdom.

Part of "not yet" is: we are learning to approprate God's grace.  It is available,  but we have hearts that cannot receive. We don't have faith for it.

Part of "not yet" is: the world is in rebellion. We are at war.

There are no doubt other factors involved in "no yet" that I don't know, perhaps no one does. The question becomes: how do we live in completeness?

Scripture says Jesus gave his disciples authority to do what he did, live as he lived, to become like him. We can pursue that. Pursue:
● our relationship with the Father.
● transformation of heart.
● keeping our hearts tuned to his voice, his guidance.
● walking in love and faith.
● praying BIG.
● obeying BIG.

And living with failure, realizing that we are partners with God. The plan is his. The strategy is his. The results are his.

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