Monday, March 21, 2016

Identity in Christ - 64 (Workmanship)

Jesus died on the cross. He saved us from the results of sin: the penalty of separation from the source of life, and the misery of not fulfilling our design.

He was motivated by love and grace. We are his creation, planned and designed with great love and care. He demonstrated total wisdom in our creation, as well as our salvation.

I have read theory by a man who believes God spent considerable time in eternity past with the design of each person. He planned their personality, their gifts, their place in history, and the works and effects for good each one will have.

Sin disrupted this design. Some people never reconnect in relationship with their Father. Those who do take a large step in restoring God's intentions for their lives. They reconnect with the Source of life and meaning. They return to the correct path for fulfilling God's purposes for their lives.

◆ God's Perspective

The Father designed and created his children. I don't think Scripture says so specifically, but it is not too far-fetched to conclude that the Father is envisioned a perfect path for our lives. A person reaches a place of decision. Choice A leads towards to perfection. Choice B leads to imperfection.

Even without sin is perfection possible? People are not all-knowing. We cannot see the consequences of choosing B. Perhaps without sin, God is eternally present for the each one of us, and we are able to hear him clearly and plainly. Perhaps, he intended to be with us in each decision. "No, my son if you choose B, this and this will happen. Choose A. Things will work out better."

With sin, he is not present with us, and we cannot hear him. When we give him allegiance, he returns to be eternally present, but our spiritual ears are weak and ineffective from disuse. He is present and he continually speaks, but we are unable to hear him.

Our allegiance and his presence reestablishes our connection. Our ears get opened.  We can exercise our ears and learn to hear him better and better.

◆ Living My Life

We give Jesus our allegiance, and reconnect to Jesus and the Father. He desires moment by moment relationship and communication. He wants to say "Choose A," so that we can walk as close to his vision of perfection as possible. Our part is learning to hear him, and walking in what he says.

First, we need to be alive to the fact that he is always speaking. He wants us to hear. We have all lived a large portion of our lives with no expectation that God wants communication with us. So, we are not ready or aware when he does speak.

People often get intent on their own inner world, that they are unaware of other people speaking. We are equally oblivious to God. We need to develop habits of alertness and receptivity.

Second, we need to develop to discernment. People often confuse their own thoughts for God's thoughts, or the enemy's thoughts for God's thoughts.

Whatever God does, results in the fruits of God. Whatever God does, it is completed with the traits of love. Even when God correct our failures, or encourages transformation in patterns in our lives, love, joy, peace will be the fruit.

This doesn't mean we will be jumping with elation. However, the Father wants us to feel encouraged and hopeful when facing correction. The Father wants us to recognize that change will bring improved life and improved relationships. He wants us to be encouraged and confident when facing the need for change. 

The enemy wants no change, no improvement. He wants discouragement, dejection and depression. He wants to convince us to cease being open to God speaking, and God's life. He wants us to accept misery. To think, we will never fulfill our purpose and our place.

And sometimes. God speaks in correction, and the enemy interrupts. God will speak to the need and the area of change. The enemy will seek to hijack it for his purposes.

Become familiar with your Father's voice. Learn to be receptive and alert. Exercise your spiritual ears.

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